The Golf Ball Challenge

  • Are you looking for a higher performance golf ball at a reasonable price?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to expensive branded Tour balls?
  • Are you looking for a ball that meets your unique objectives for distance, control and spin?
  • Do you want to try before you buy?
  • Do you want access to new ball designs and brands that might just make a difference in your game and your enjoyment of the game?
  • If any or all of these apply to you, then take The Golf Ball Challenge

Your First Round of Testing will include a comparison of:

2015 Titleist Pro V1 vs.  2016 TaylorMade Tour Preferred X


  • Then, you’ll participate in additional rounds of 2-ball comparisons with balls drawn from a line-up of the leading branded Tour and Distance or “Value” balls in the market – along with some new balls you may not of heard much --- but are of exceptional value and performance comparability, as we’ve tested them at
  • Typical Tour balls include Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x, Callaway Chrome Soft, TaylorMade Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X, Bridgestone Tour B330/Tour B330-S, Srixon Z-Star/Z-Star X, etc. 
  • Typical Value balls include Titleist Velocity, Bridgestone e5/e6/e7, TaylorMade Project (a), Callaway Supersoft, Srixon Q-Star, etc.  
Your Member Package is More Than A Couple of Golf Balls,  you’ll also get:
  • Technical Details Specs and Clear and Every 2-Months Mini Reviews on Each Ball Independent 
  • Access to Our Members Special offers and discounts

Your Opinion Matters and Will Others Find Their Right Ball

  • When you take The Golf Ball Challenge, you will receive your First 2-Ball Test Pack and a Starter Kit, including a golf ball scoring card; and a suggested approach for testing and evaluating each ball.  This will include the links to the Members Forum where you can post and share your results.  Then, if you sign up for 1, 2 or 3 rounds of testing – about every other month you will receive a new 2-ball test pack delivered to you.  
  • The more you test, the more you save, and with each 2-Round purchase we will send you a Free Standard Membership to  Join us for 3-Rounds of testing and we’ll ship you a Free Premium Membership to in an attractive gift tin, with additional marker pen.  
  • Additionally, as a special and LIMITED time offer with each 2- and 3-round purchase you will receive a 2-ball test pack of the new Costco Kirkland Signature golf Ball.


 Take the Golf Ball Challenge Today: